Considering a practice transition?
We’re seeking doctor-partners.

Mitigate the risk of having 100% of your equity in one practice.

Owning a piece of a diversified, nationwide network of practices mitigates any region-specific or practice-specific risk, allowing you to share in the successes of some of the most successful orthodontists in the profession. Our business experts help you grow your practice, and offer support in challenging times. You will have the opportunity to take some of the equity out of your practice in cash, and use it to invest elsewhere if you would like to.

Join at a unique time marked by significant growth, low risk, and high reward.

The success of our leading partner practices across the country has built a solid foundation for Orthodontic Partners. We’re a high-growth organization that has experienced significant success since our inception thanks to the hard work and collaboration of our network of growth-driven partner doctors.

Improve the performance of your practice through collaboration with leading clinical and business minds.

Our team is committed to supporting growth and improvement in every partner practice through clinical and business collaboration. We want to help you take your practice to the next level, creating value for both you and your patients!

A nationwide support network for growth and development.

Our practice team members enjoy access to comprehensive benefits packages and development opportunities, plus a support network of team members across the country collaborating, sharing best practices, and learning from the best of the best in creating amazing patient experiences.

Why Partner With Us?

We understand the keys to your success: your clinical autonomy, your ability to practice using your name and the flexibility to choose how you practice including which brackets and wires you use. You’ll benefit from sharing clinical best practices with other industry-leading orthodontists while maintaining the autonomy and identity of your practice.

  • By and for Orthodontists: Join one of the few groups focused solely on the practice of orthodontics nationwide, and tailored to support your needs as a practicing orthodontist.
  • Clinical autonomy: We understand the importance of clinical autonomy to your success. You choose how you practice while sharing clinical best practices with other industry-leading orthodontists.
  • Retain your brand: Maintain the trust you’ve built with your patients by keeping your practice’s name on the door.
  • An investment. Not a sale: We offer clear terms and a simple transaction, especially when compared to selling to an associate or even many DSOs. Our team is experienced and professional. Our goal is a smooth transition to ensure the long-term health of your practice. In addition to up-front cash we also offer the opportunity to participate in your practice’s upside growth through equity ownership.
  • Accelerate growth without working more days: Leverage the expertise of our marketing and business experts to help grow your practice while maintaining your schedule and enhancing your level of efficiency and clinical care through the benefits of collaboration with our partner doctors. We’ll even help with adding an Associate.
  • More time with your patients: Our back-office services provide rich support, allowing you to focus less on the business and more on your patients.
  • Best Practices: From managing inventory to cultivating a healthy team culture, we strive to share what works including key practice metrics.
  • Administration: Let us manage necessary but time-consuming tasks from accounting, to taxes, to IT, facilities and more.
  • Benefits & HR: Enjoy the perks of comprehensive, affordable group benefits for your team. Plus, we’ll take care of your HR paperwork.
  • Purchasing Power: Benefit from group buying power and lower costs on common supplies and products.

Considering a Practice Transition?

Our partner development team is experienced and professional. We respect your time and provide you with everything you need to evaluate a practice transition with Orthodontic Partners. Once a transition is underway, our business, clinical and practice transition teams work side-by-side to help ensure it’s a smooth transition for you, your staff and your patients.

We want to partner with doctors who are curious, driven and enjoy winning. If that’s in your DNA, it’s time to talk.

Whether you’re considering a practice transition in the next 5 years or 15 years, we’ll tailor a solution to help you achieve your unique goals.

Wylan Simpson
Chief Development Officer
[email protected]

Dr. Jamie Reynolds
Founding Orthodontist
[email protected]